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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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What is the one issue that unites all religions in this country? Of course, it is their mutual hatred for homosexuality. The supreme court had struck down Section 377 in the year 2018, effectively decriminalizing homosexuality. Unfortunately for most of our country the difference between homosexuals and homeopathy is not very clear. Homophobia turns out to be rather new to our country. We may not want to accept it now but ancient Indians weren’t exactly subtle about same-sex love being a part of their culture. Temple that was constructed between the 6th and 14th centuries in South India often featured erotic images of men and women flashing each other. Ancient India was more woke than us. Gender fluidity is a common theme that runs through a majority of our ancient texts. Men turned into women, women turned into men. Same-sex love in India sites the example of the first Mughal Babur who was also said to have a certain affinity for a young boy named Bamburi. Even composed the poem for the young lad.
Being a member of the LGBTQ community in India is extremely difficult. It cannot be expected from a person to live peacefully in a country where they are constantly bullied or denied jobs just of their sexual orientation. Every single person who is a part of the LGBTQ community or the straight allies know that people are India are quite homophobic. They use the terms gay, lesbian, transgender as cuss words. They are judged based on how they dress or talk or whom they love. The country that celebrates independence Day and its freedom does not recognise how oppressed these people are. Many businesses are starting to recognize the benefits of including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, yet this country does not provide any legal protections against workplace discrimination.