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Yes, women can make a career in the aviation industry there is a lot of women scope for women in this industry but very few women choose to make a career in this industry obviously girls restrictions for the family they want their girl to the outside of the home, the aviation industry is all about making and developing a different kind of aircraft handling the ground level management, pilots and cabin crew, after 12th girls can go in this can do pilot training courses, and cabin crew their many private instates and also government institute where girls can easily apply and can make their dream career. We all know aviation is an ever-growing industry there is always opening in India new airports in many cities going to open, so girls can become pilots or can manage the ground level of airports. But women really need to work on their language skills and personality development because it is needed for this industry, they should know how to communicate and manage everything. if women choose this career, they can earn a good amount and consistent promotion opportunities, in this industry take leaves can be challenging for women because there a working pressure, it always a complaint we hear from people who are in the aviation industry they do not get leave easily they have to apply for leave week before. Women can do jobs of the aeronautical engineer, airport managers, pilots, co-pilot, transportation security screeners, air traffic controllers,s, etc. if women wish they can really go in this aviation career and can grow.