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Society says marital adornments are signs of married women they have to wear after women get married perform rituals and it’s been legacy and part of the tradition, all women are told to wear Bindi, mangal sutra, sindoor, bangles and wear anklets and bichiya, women are not allowed to remove this even if it is causing trouble to them. I think it is women choose to wear it nobody has a right force women to wear it and shame them if they are not like to wear or all perform ritual just to show society that they care about their husband, because never asked to do fasting for his women long life, women are told to keep fast without even drinking water, what about her health, in name of religious beliefs they can tell women to perform every ritual, today women’s are working they cannot able to manage they are not allowed to wear these marital adornments in professional meeting and presentations. Also, advertisements and Tv shows are not nicely portraying it. community people get influence by it but they are promoting they should try to show in a way that its choice on women they want carry marital adornment. Because of this women will get liberty and also will accept this happily. Marital adornments are the indication about how men own a woman, earlier people used to say this eldest Indian books it is mention in that book when women wear sindoor and bindi they look more desirable and passionate to their man. Some women are breaking these stereotypes they do not regularly wear marital adornment and they have the open mindset that they have faith in God, and husband they need to show through wearing anything. please respect the women decide if they want to accept adornments or not.