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Yash Tiwari
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The number of female programmers globally is growing and has risen to a percentage that is much higher than before. In India specifically, awareness about gender bias in the coding world has dawned on women in recent years. The programming scene has changed a lot since the days of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. More women are working as programmers and designers than ever before. Because of this, women have a bigger presence in the industry than they did just ten or fifteen years ago.

Our country has many brilliant women who have proved their genius by excelling in programming. The best female Indian coders have a participatory role in the tech revolution that India is going through. They are paid well and are part of the growth trajectory of this industry. This list of top female programmers from India celebrates these women who are paving their way into the world of technology and entrepreneurship.

During our research process, we found that there are a handful of women who stand out among the crowd of programmers. Here is a shortlist of India’s best female programmers who can be an inspiration to aspiring women programmers.
1. Geeta Kannan is an e-commerce entrepreneur and a technology evangelist. She has been a well-known name in the field of technology for decades now, concentrating specifically on the consumer technology segment. Her work has been particularly influential to women all over India who aspire to be software professionals. She made it possible for various women’s groups to come together and help give them the strength and power to make their goals come true.
2. Reshma Saujani has been fighting for the equality of women in employment. She founded a nonprofit organization for girls who code to expand the gender and racial diversity of those pursuing jobs in computer science. She is a lawyer and a businesswoman, whose expertise lies in the impact of globalization on communities in developing nations.
3. Ashwini Asokan is a well-known Founder and CEO of Mad Street Den. She led a team to create the ultra-narrow band imaging technology used by the Scripps Research Institute to discover a new human antibody. She was named one of MIT Technology Review’s Top 35 Innovators Under 35 in 2013 and one of ET’s Young Turks for her commitment to innovation.
4. While male IT programmers are earning more than their female colleagues, Parul Singhal also calls herself a successful and independent woman in India. She graduated from her engineering college in India and join as a software programmer in a large multinational company after completing a master’s degree. She lives in Singapore while working for a multinational company.