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Yash Tiwari
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All women deserve access to education, healthcare, and opportunities to interact with the public sphere on an equal basis with men. To make a positive change for women is the responsibility of men as well. Here are some ways you could help your woman friend’s rights without making it obvious since there’s nothing subtle about pointing out that she’s being treated unfairly that would make her more comfortable. You don’t have to point out the injustice at all.

India has a rich cultural history. One of the important pillars of this rich cultural heritage is the status of women. India has a long history of venerating women. How did things change then? The purpose of this article is to make Indian women aware of their rights and the crimes against women so that they can speak out about it, defend themselves, and will be able to raise their voices if anyone tries to give them an injustice.

Women were sure that the government was listening to their problems so very soon women’s associations were formed. The other problem was poor women who had no voice in society. For example, they lived in a joint family system and if they got married, they did not have any income but there is a lot of dowry dispute. In 1850, some reforms took place specifically with the Hindu disabilities act of 1856. However, the biggest problem was that the Hindu society was governed by religious norms. It is the era of social networking where you can share your views, thoughts, ideas and also share your problems with the whole world. Women are not safe in any country. It is the perception that women’s safety comes first and they get the rights after that. But if we will see logically based on observation then it is not like that. Even in many developed countries, women are not away from being sexually harassed or raped.

What do we want to teach our women? How can we make her read and learn about her rights? For many years we are following so-called male dominance against our female gender which is a super stereotype. Women should be given equal rights as males even if men take a bigger social stance I think women also should have some good roles. And she shouldn’t follow society’s lifestyle and example to live happily. We can’t give up our right to have and work. I’m a doctor myself, I have seen many women brutally abused and tortured by their husbands for some frivolous reasons like why they need to work, how come they didn’t make their food, why are they not present at home within few minutes, etc. But victims of pressure from society may lose their confidence, their personality, and eventually, they can lose their self-esteem which became a crucial factor of losing the perception.