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Marriage is a very holy thing in Indian culture and people‘s religious sentiments are connected with so it’s been a tradition that people want to marry in their traditional caste, and there is a difference in caste, status, and rituals. Marriage is the relationship where two persons their families also meet. There are earlier there very few inter-community marriages and people who do that marriage they will be not accepted by the family of groom and bride. But now things are changing people are understanding that religion and rituals are not much important marriage is the celebration of love. If the person who is happy with each other and ready to share their life and accept each other, there are also many instances in India where who is blindly in love with each other they want to marry each other but boy and girl have different status their family will not accept them, they will go against their family and marry each other which is not the right way. People who do inter-community marriage have to listen to taunts from society if their family against them, female especially she has to learn the rituals and adjust to family and wins the heart of the people it is not easy for a girl who is married in an inter-community. Couples are now breaking the stereotypes by marrying in inter-community and they trying to share about their loved one with their family so with family blessings they will start their married journey. Indian people still follow many rituals of their specific community. Now, most things have evolved so people also need to change and accept this.