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World always think that women are not funnier than man but we can see there are many women who work as a comedian are better in their field but people who go to comedy show mostly from them they always choose to see man performing not women. Everyone think that women aren’t funny, In today’s world in a group of a teenager’s if a girl joke nobody will laugh or if a boy joke everybody will going to laugh instead of that the group will laugh on girl because she said a joke, so they will say it wasn’t funny. Many people have a stereotype thoughts that women can’t be funnier than man. As per the survey, man also prefer women who laugh at their humour. Society think that women cannot be considered as funny because they create an image of women that they should be kind of silent, and sensitive person but it is not like that, In today’s generation we can see that many women are comedian and they are successful in that field like Bharti Singh she is the one who makes whole world laugh with her performance in comdey tv shows. She won many awards and it shows that women are funny it’s just that society make their own mindset that women can’t consider as funny. This thinking should get change because both men and women are equal their is nothing like that men are always considered as funny. Both men and women should be considered as funny.