Yash Tiwari
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It is a common practice for women to avoid pregnancy when they want to live their lives without children. They need to have the right not to get pregnant so as not to create a new life that may end up suffering. I feel that women should have the right to choose whether or not they get pregnant and it is not society’s responsibility or business to control their bodies. However, not all women agree with this. Some are adamantly opposed to it and do not think women should have the choice to do what they want with their bodies. Why would someone disagree? Why is a woman’s right to choose pregnancy or not so great a controversy?

There is an argument that men should also have this right to choose whether or not they want to have offspring. However, the alternative for them is not unimportantly going through a painful pregnancy and labor. It’s no big deal; it’s just a bit of pain and discomfort for a few weeks. And it is easy to avoid all that pain by using birth control methods or getting a vasectomy. Men can choose whether or not to bear children without the same level of physical discomfort. Without female birth control, women can’t have their sexual freedom. They are dependent on the contraceptive practice of men or the law. Women who can’t afford birth control face two forms of degradation. Not only do they have to bear children, but they have to abort them for there is no other choice. An absence of choice (in a woman’s right to contraception), makes all women inferior human beings and less than men. Without contraceptives, women are dependent on their husbands.

What can women do to avoid pregnancy? There are two options – abstain from sex or make yourself infertile. Both of them will prevent pregnancy and they both have consequences associated with them. Abstinence will prevent you from having sex, but it will prevent you from having fun too. As soon as abstinence does not seem like an option for you, I would recommend the second option; permanent sterilization.

These methods of preventing pregnancy may not be 100% perfect. The failure rate of these methods includes out-of-date prescription, method failure, or skipping the pill for some reason. There is approximately a 15% chance of becoming pregnant in a year when not using any form of birth control. All women should at least consider the use of a hormonal method to lessen the chance of pregnancy. Hormonal methods have no preventable side effects. Women need to know that they can have children later in life and that having a baby too soon may hurt their chances of ever conceiving naturally.