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Yash Tiwari
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Most of the women working outside their homes juggle between two jobs- a work-from-home and a job at an office. Taking care of kids and handling demanding jobs keep them busy throughout the day. They hardly find time to concentrate on their health. Many brought up as ‘housewives’ often put health issues in the background. By the time 45 years of age, women are expected to spend more time on health management than men. Men will be at an advantage as they join the ranks of senior citizens and already have acquired solid health records. But sadly this is not the case with women. Most women are health conscious, they just do not pay attention to their health needs as compared to men. The main reason behind this kind of mindset is employment. Women are mostly a part of the workforce and this has made them busy in their lives.

Every woman should be encouraged to take an individual health insurance plan, it is an investment towards her good health. A regular checkup and screening of any possible disease or disorder can detect issues like pre-term labor, pulmonary embolism, and osteoporosis in the early stages. Postmenopause, women can be benefitted from hormone therapy and screening measures. Of course, the benefits vary depending on your age and condition. Women’s health is different from men’s in many ways. Heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, women are more vulnerable to these deadly diseases which can be prevented with regular exercise and the right eating habits. But until now women have been less concerned about their health.

There are many reasons to encourage women to take up health insurance in India. A woman is not only the income-earner but also the head of the family in most cases and this makes her financially responsible for their well-being. This proves a huge information gap between the two. Hence, it acts as an incentive for them to take out a health policy for themselves and/or their families. A health insurance plan for women is a popular choice for many. It is meant to give financial support during serious illnesses like heart attacks and cancer. These medical cover plans are designed to help the female have a better standard of life during emergencies in need of advanced treatment.

A lot of women, nowadays, contribute very much to their family’s income. Even, a woman who is not the earning member in her family is essentially playing an important role by taking care of the family. Thus, even she must be provided with medical insurance to safeguard her interests. The insurance industry has also seen an increase in many other products. Medical insurance for women is one such product. It is designed to cater specially to the needs of women and target their concerns. The medical insurance for women policies is intended to offer adequate coverage at an affordable price.