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Manpreet Singh
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When you tell them you are about to chase your aspirations, it’s not all awful to get the “gatekeeper” perspective. Externally, though, we need to be intelligent and to know how to discern helpful criticism from negative. But letting other people’s opinions and negativity stop from following a dream is the worst thing to happen. there are so many ways in which a woman is targeted and their dreams are crushed. No one understands the pain.
A girl will live according to certain rules and social prejudices right from a small age. For example, some girls express their love with martial arts, they are really athletic and had the desire to perfect Karate, but parents do not allow them to think what people in the society say?.
It’s not wrong when the kids are happy, but it’s not good to make a kid do something that they don’t want. It is time we quit making gender-based differentiations and openly urge our girls to take care of what they want. It is disheartening to know that as the world progresses rapidly, a few parents feel it’s not worth educating girls and marrying them. There are hundreds of smart ladies who are ambitious but yet suffer because they don’t want to speak out about what they are learning and what they want to become.
Every woman must adapt and maintain the family together to the new family. But what if the new family is not working with her? Why does society forget that efforts need to be made in both directions? I see around me, that a married woman is being vilified and blamed for divorcing her husband from his parents if she decides to live separately. Why won’t anyone think of the girl, however? A girl is sometimes abused severely. It is not permissible for her to go, to dress, and to speak in a certain way. Despite this, she’s told she has an attitude and is accused of ruining her family when she calls for justice.
We observe protests and marches calling for women’s justice. If we don’t push for a woman in the house, I think all this will not help. Your woman, your sister, your mother, your boyfriend, or anybody – it’s your home that begins with respect. Respect for a woman is not merely food and a place to live for her. It represents a woman’s understanding, freedom, and freedom to express her views