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Yash Tiwari
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The most important thing that everyone should know is that what is presented to the outside world doesn’t define your beauty. Society has made it almost impossible for girls to think of themselves as anything more than sexual beings. They say if you don’t have a boyfriend, you’re not completely happy or satisfied. They say that the thinner you are, the more beautiful you’ll be. Teenagers need to know that this is normal and that they are not the only ones going through this and that they should not be afraid to talk about their feelings whenever necessary with a trusted adult or best friend and it does get better.

Let us not forget that living up to the expectations of your family, friends, and society can take a lot of effort. The truth is we as teenagers are struggling with lots of negative emotions which include being moody, insecure, craving for peer approval, and at the same time trying to achieve higher grades at school with more effort. Unfortunately, by that time we’re already aware of the fact that this is not the right time to get too conscious about these changes as we are constantly being compared with what is currently considered beautiful by our society. And then there’s an even bigger problem if you’re the girl of color in a mostly white country like America where racism is always lurking around every corner and it doesn’t help either that our society pushes us to be uber skinny which most of us can’t be naturally so we resort to different measures.

There are certain things every teenage girl should know about her body. There are several inventions of technology because of which teenage girls will be more aware of their bodies and will have a good image with them but not everyone is aware of it. Let’s take a look at some measures:
1. Trying to win approval from guys, doing something that you mentally and physically go against, not saying NO will only make you lose out on things in the long run. It is not okay if a guy forces something on you. Say no when needed and stand up for yourself.
2. Food and body image go hand in hand. If you have never been taught how to eat properly, your internal desire for food can often clash with the pressure to eat to gain or maintain a certain weight. This is never more true than in puberty when you are going through rapid changes physically and emotionally.
3. `Sleep deprivation is not only correlated with depression in teens, but it also might be a cause, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. And getting enough sleep can help you stay at a healthy weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.
4. Another thing is that it will help your coordination. Exercise will tone your muscles and your body will become a lot more stable, as well as less prone to falls, which is of particular benefit to girls (as much as guys) who are thinking about popping the big question in the future. You’ll become a better tennis player, pitcher, and even a better dancer.