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Yash Tiwari
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Being a woman is not easy. The odds are stacked up against them and they generally live longer despite all the hardship that comes their way. There are several healthy tips that every woman should know and from them; what I will be discussing here is one very important amongst them. I am referring to the time when women wake up and go to bed. It is during these two periods that they should look after themselves first before taking care of everyone else. Every day we are required to do some unhealthy things. We never care about our health. We always notice someone’s health but don’t care about ourselves. When our body is ready to respond to us then only we become concerned for our health.

It’s not alright to skip the main meal of the day. A woman should eat a healthy breakfast for a lifetime. The woman who eats a healthy breakfast daily can maintain their energy throughout the day. Women get less sleep than men; it is because of stress, growing responsibilities, and other commitments. It has been found that women with higher BMI are not able to get proper sleep at night time. A healthy diet is necessary for improving sleeping patterns for women. Food rich in protein and calcium will provide energy and nutrition to your body in a long run.

In addition to this women should also drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Start exercising to reduce extra fats from her body because if she does not do that then she would have to face troubles in the future like heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, and many more. But if she does these things properly then it will surely help her in having a healthy life in the future. She shouldn’t let her beauty sleep by indulging in cosmetics or go to bed with makeup. She should also keep stress at bay. Stress will ruin her immune system and may make her more vulnerable to diseases.

Women’s most important time of the month is the period. PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is a wide spectrum of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms that many women experience before their menstrual period. Menstruation is a weakness in the females system. It causes her to have mood swings. To control it, she should take a good amount of vitamin B, C & E. Also she should go for meditation, yoga, and deep breathing which will help her reduce the pain and cramps.

A woman who is healthy and fit can lead a more productive life in the long run. It’s true that on average, women are likely to live longer than men but they should not let this advantage go to waste just because they did not take care of themselves. Above mentioned health tips will help you lead a healthier life.