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In today’s world, Technology is given so much importance because it makes easier for humans to work faster with different software and shortcuts. We can see that in this COVID-19 pandemic situation, how all the work is done online with smartphones. This makes people more inactive and this will also affect their body because after this pandemic will get over everyone has to work offline and it will be not esay for people to get back into routine. The device which is used for online work will doesn’t make any gender inequality towards women, it will give equal access and opportunities for women. Because of technology many women starting their career by becoming entrepreneur and in that no one will judge her or can’t make comparison with men. The technology will not make difference between gender inequality. It is very great part that women are getting benefited due to technology to open their small business and by doing hardwork towards their business it will definitely achieve their success. Technology helps women to learn different things online because they don’t get support to complete their education, due to technology they will get different courses for learning and will get equal opportunities like men to achieve their career goals. In villages, there are lot of people who aren’t aware about use of technology for that their should be campaign or organization to make them aware about use of technology for education. So that many women in villages will get to know about technology and they can start learning and be independent which will help them in future. In our society there are girls who are not aware of stem skills and it necessary that girls should learn stem skills for their future. Technology has made some changes to improve gender inequality towards women. By using technology many women learning online and doing online business, creating YouTube channel this things are helping women to be an independent person.