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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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There may be high rates of domestic violence in certain demographics but domestic violence is an issue processing all of us. The national coalition against domestic violence defines it as “the wilful interpretation of physical and sexual abuse as a pattern of power and control”. Domestic violence is not just physical and sexual it is also emotional and mental abuse. The abuser imposes rule over the victim. It’s incredibly important to notice the definition when we start to actualize the people who are affected. Over 10 million men and women are affected by domestic violence each year. Although our virtual initial instant may be to put them in bar graphs and charts and sheets, we must actualize these people individually. Every one of them faces the impacts of physical violence. It is linked to an increase in hypertension, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases in the physical realm. Not only are victims are abused by their abuser but they are also subjected to massive medical bills and massive stresses. Domestic violence has been linked to an increase in post-traumatic stress disorder addictive behaviours and suicidal behaviours.
Almost 275 million children are exposed to violence at home. It turns a child’s world into chaos. The victim tends to bully other people at school. Children who observe violence when they are over the age of 5 tend to be aggressive. Almost 75% of battered women say that their children are also abused by their abusers. Children constantly feel anxious and fear abandonment. Some develop cognitive on language problems and developmental disruptions, hearing and speech problems and stress-related physical illnesses. In a recent study, it was also found that children who witnessed their mothers being abused at 24 times more likely to commit sexual assault crimes as they are turning to adults. 75% of child victims are more likely to commit crimes against another person. The most desired and ink in the domestic violence is that there is a high possibility that it will continue into the next generation and the vicious cycle won’t stop. There are also more prone to using drugs and alcohol.
Children have the right to live happy and safe life. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this right is granted to them.