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Housewives should definitely apply in courses and gain new skill this will help them to earn some for themselves and even for family members. There many websites online available to do such courses at very minimal cost, housewives are keeping themselves busy in their housework and responsibilities she needs to invest some hours in doing work that she always wanted to do with the help of the courses.

• Baking course: mostly housewives are fond of cooking but sometimes they have no idea how to bake cakes and cookies, brownies there are a lot of courses baking and even on YouTube, women than can take orders for a cake and other bakery items through this housewives can earn some many.
• Dancing course: the women can learn different forms of dances such as Indian, classical western after doing this course she can take dance classes online and even take it at and charge some fee from students.
• Yoga course: by learning yoga housewives can keep checking on their health and it will also help them to get in shape basically yoga many benefits, yoga needs consistency to see results if women keep practicing yoga for years, they can be professional yoga trainer.
• Coding courses: housewives can learn coding languages through HTML, CSS, JAVA, PYTHON they can work I.t. company they can also do the work from home.
• Entrepreneurship courses: by learning this course the housewives gain knowledge about how to run the business and what qualities are needed in the entrepreneur. There also many courses under this parent course.
• Hairstyling and make up courses.
• Interior and fashion designing courses.
• Content creation
• Social media management.
• Digital marketing.
• HR management course.
• Nutrition course.
• Software development.
• Search engine optimization course.
• Graphic design.
• Logo designing.
• Video editing course.
• International cuisines.
• Content writing.
• Art and crafts courses.
These are some lists of courses that housewives can do.