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Apoorva Pathak
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Women body is very complicated than men bod. She should be aware of her body. She should be told about the changes in her body such as what is menstruation? How did hormones change her body? These things very crucial for her to know so that she doesn’t create any wrong image about her body.
She should be told about hygiene how important is for her. Every woman has a different physical feature she should accept those features. Love her body, dress in good clothes. If she is fat or skinny she should not avoid food is this not because of food but because of unhealthy habits. One should tell her about the good and bad habits she is having so that she can work upon them.

She must be told about physical changes that take place before and after pregnancy and how she can tackle them. Nutrients food and exercises can keep her fit not only physically but also mentally.
she should accept whatever God has given her as everyone is not perfect. Women body is very delicate it catches infections very easily when she is living in dirty and unhygienic places so she must know how she can keep her clothes hygienic, using a pad instead of cloth during menstruation. How should she hygienically dispose of her sanitary pad?

If she is feeling uneasily within her body she should approach the doctor and make thing clear. Women often have urinary tract infection so she should keep mediation such as PEE SAFE before going to the washroom spray-on seat and sit.
She should wash her undergarments daily as they may cause infection. Putting lotion on her body and keep her body hydrated so that her skin does not rupture.