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Apoorva Pathak
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Health is an important part of everyone’s life.” Health is wealth”. Women need to focus on their health there are many tips such as women should be physically fit as it will avoid diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, lungs failure, depression, joints and many more. She should practise yoga and exercise on daily basis.
One should always be hydrated so that it does not put pressure on their kidney. As when we work physically we lose lots of water and this makes our muscle dry and often lead to wear and tear. Have water-rich fruits such as watermelon, cucumber etc.
She should not take stress at may lead to hormones breakdown which is harmful to women in the long term measures. She should make her feel relax by watch television, going out etc.
Avoid bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drug addition these habits are rising due to stressful life and changing pattern of living.
Women should take care of themselves during menstruation time as during that period they have many hormonal changes and they should take vitamin-enriched food also. This not only makes her menstruation healthy but also avoid cancer, kidney stone and heart diseases.
She should take food that is rich in iron, calcium and zinc which avoid anaemia and make her bones stronger. As after menopause women’s body capability to make calcium starts decreasing and this lead to the problem related to bones especially backache and easy fracture.
Meditation is one of the remedies which she can do so that she can relax, make her body fixable and make a stronger immune system so that she fight diseases.
Proper sleep and proper food can help her lot it will not make them obese and diabetic. Last and most important is she should not underestimate her health issue and have a routine check-up.