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Role models are the examples to which people look up for their success they inspire other people by watching their struggle and journey to their life success. There are many Indian women who can be look up to as role models. They have proved their worth and made Indians proud by doing something special for the country.
Sudha Murthy: she helps her husband set up India’s number one company INFOSYS she did a computer course. M.TECH in when very few women were allowed to do that much studies at that time. she is also a social worker, through Infosys foundation she provides free books to every government school. also, she is a feature writer in Kannada she has written 13 books.
Fayed D Souza: she is the journalist who provides that matter and needful for the people. She is his own ethics and she does not believe in materialism she has open her own channel for providing the news. she has awarded s Journalists of the year in the year 2018.
Deepa Karmakar: she is the first female gymnast to win a bronze medal in the commonwealth in 2014. And she was also felicitated by the Padam Shree award and khel ratna award, she achieves all the things at every young she is true to all young girls.
Mithali raj: she is the captain of the Indian cricket team, she known for her incredible batting skills, she is one of the reasons people gain interest in watching women’s cricket matches. she breaks many records in women’s cricket nationally and even internationally, she inspires and sets an example that cricket is not only for Indian men and women can also play equally better.
Priyanka Chopra: she is a miss world, actress, and entrepreneur she tried to break each stereotype by changing the mindset and empowering all women out there she is creating a legacy, she never fails to surprise the world. These are some of my personal favorite role models.