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The thing which ancient feminist started for women equality is still women need , People taking time to think about what is gender quality , rights… women’s still didn’t get much freedom as we compare to last 100 years , modern feminism still fighting for rights , freedom , equality and opportunity. Ancient feminism are started in the early 19th century & still going on , The ancient feminism is plot in three different part , 1.) The beginning 2.) The mid 19th century & 3.) The 19th century ; The beginning is all were started people asking question for women rights because of education and the beginning of mid started when india demanding for independent , around 1915 mahatma Gandhi started women’s moments from the quit india movement and the last phase started when people fights for women equality , fair with females , rights to political party & in the job place. There are types of feminism – feminism , radical feminism , black feminism , liberal feminism , eco feminism , Marxist feminism , socialist feminism , cultural feminism , post modern feminism , individualist feminism and separatist feminism . There are also few interested types of feminism like CYBER FEMINISM & ECO FEMINISM. Their are feminist theory which theoretical or philosophical fields , Many from us know that modern feminism is Good but it’s also getting worse because their are different types of feminist , the one who’s asking for equality , freedom & empowerment & their are also feminist who only asking for women rights not for gender equality if you don’t support them they will even discriminate against you , We already know that women’s not getting paid as much on same post compare to man But the other feminist they don’t ask for equal rights they want to push man out of the workplace , they are spreading wrong message to the world about feminism , Feminist is known for who fight for equality , opportunity , freedom & rights but not for only one specific gender or brain wash people for one gender or revenge.