Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Feminism Has too many meanings given to the cause of feminism ruined the basic aim of the movement? Reply To: Has too many meanings given to the cause of feminism ruined the basic aim of the movement?

Gayatri Somvanshi
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Yes of course it has affected and the main motive of feminism is left behind. People think it as a man hating concept and also unfortunately feminism this term is also used for some outrageous things by women itself. Its like women are feminist but they are also targeting another women. There are also some terms emerging as selective feminism. First we really need to make people understand what exactly feminism is and also make women understand that it’s not a publicity tool or something which can be used to blabber anything.It’s all about getting women getting equal rights , equal respect and equal opportunities and to normalise some things. It’s about the safety of women and women’s rights.
Due to some cases where women are just using feminism for posting or commenting or even saying some illogical things and at the same time falsely accusing a man has actually made it ugly and given a chance to claim that this concept is all about women domination.
Also women need to understand that it’s wrong to criticize other women and also not to put any man down. It’s just about giving respect and deserving the same respect. Feminism shouldn’t be used to satisfy your ego and to complete your demands. It’s a movement for empowering women and walking hand in hand together and fighting together so kindly please don’t misuse it.
Nowadays many actresses are also falsely accusing people and we see how even people are using this movement wrongly.
We also need to ensure that concept of feminism should be properly delivered and also we neee to know that it’s not about forcing our concept on society it’s just about not forcing society’s illogical rupes on women and help women to gain her freedom.