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Coding has really being game Changer for many women I.T. is continuously growing. Companies is not discriminating men and women when it comes to giving salary. Because of coding women are able to to make their website and can expand their business also many women are trying to start there tech startup. Women are earning better amount because of they are becoming independent and try to fulfilling the their dreams, because coding women are able to understand the coding closely. Some women are working in multi national company such as what’sapp,Amazon and Microsoft.some women is emotional but coding helps tobe patient and be logical and to be practical in every situation.women are trying to learn more skill in coding language and coding language are not much diffcult but it requires sharp focus while typing the codes and there is more requirement according to the research women are considered as better and faster coders.In earlier years women are only allowed to study the home science very few women were allowed to study different science and commerce subjects as a result they were considered inferior in front of men. Coding Field was earlier dominated by men’s only. women started coding and started getting successful in this field. It was one of the way to prove intelligence Infront of society. Women can also teach coding to students there is requirement air can be teacher at byjus and white hat junior,udemy etc. In future I.T.industry is only going to flourish. Women can make bright career coding Field.