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A mother never willingly choose abortion. Abortion is a very big step which mother take when she have no other choice available. There are many reasons for abortion. But in ancient time the foremost reason for a abortion is female foetus. The elder member of the family does not want a girl child so they a abort the baby. This is the sick mentality of those people. They don’t even realise that a women has only given birth to them and now they are opposing the birth of a girl child. If their grandparents abort there mother, then maybe they I do not have any Existence at present . But funding aware but by ignoring the fact took this criminal step .
As the time passes the mentality of people is change and modernization is being accepted . Yes we cannot ignore the fact that still there are many people who about the girl child but the percentage is lower down comparison of the past. Now girl child it is not only reason for the abortion. Many time the couple face unplanned pregnancy even after using contraceptive method so they decide to abort the child . Now the health issues in women are increasing day by day. Many women was suffering from HIV, brain clot , blood cancer and many other dangerous disease try to avoid pregnancy . And if in case she get pregnant the doctor advice her to abort the baby since it can be harmful for the baby and can lead to uncomfortable life for baby in future . Many parents are not financially prepared for the child. Which is considered as 40% reason for the abortion. And in many cases (31%) the reason for abortion is dispute between parents which can hamper the life of child so abortion is considered is the best step.
So these are the few and foremost reason where women abort her child either be it a girl or boy . The scenario is same but the percentage is lower down and the main cause of abortion is changed and hope one day it will be ended.