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This is the truth rate of abortion is increasing every year , along with unplanned pregnancy. According to the survey 61% unplanned pregnancies ended to abortion. It was estimated that 56 million abortion has taken place globally every year between 2010 to 2014.
This is observed that man try to implement his own decision over women and the family also support him considering that it is the right of man whether he want to keep a baby or not. BUT they all are totally wrong ,it is only and only decision of a woman whether she want to keep the child or not and this is legally implemented. The reason of unplanned pregnancy is – having sex is now a days common in youth and due to lack of knowledge and their silliness many time they avoid the protective major they should take care which lead to unplanned pregnancy . Since a girl get pregnant in very small age family advice her to have abortion as the Boy and his family don’t even accept her and due to the prestige and status in the society did take this step .
Many time couple take the protective measures but still they face pregnancy which is in 100 and 1 case . So they decide to have abortion since they are not ready for the child at that moment. Many women who are suffering from any health issue avoid pregnancy but if in case She get pregnant , she can chooses abortion. As she don’t want to destroy the life of the unborn child. Many times if a woman get pregnant but health issue doesn’t allow her to continue pregnancy like in many case the baby stop growing so the doctor itself advised her to have abortion. Unplanned pregnancy may occur when the couple does not want child or they do not want more child as they are happy with one or two child.
The another reason for unplanned pregnancy and abortion is many couples are not that much financially stable and unaware about the protective measures they should take care during sex to avoid pregnancy . So, they decide to abort their child since they are not able to give the baby a better life and focus on his development .