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We all are aware about the discrimination which women came across . But this discrimination is seen in the society, in the school, in the workplace and many other places . But we cannot imagine that girl face discrimination even at her home. Yes still there are many houses were parents and other member of the families discriminate between a girls and boy child.
It’s the tradition of Indian parents to teach their daughter house chores since from the childhood. They assume that this is necessary for their future. many parents scold their daughters for the mistake and if their son made any mistake they don’t even say a word to them. Boys are free to go out later that night but when it comes to a girl she is restricted to go out even after 6 p.m. Many parents doesn’t allow girls child to study more as the believe there are some other’s property so why should they invest huge amount in their studies instead of that they should focus on their son studies since he is the one who is going to take care of them in future and fulfil their all the needs. Girl child is always has to listen the comments like “we never want a daughter” “you are unexpected child” “why should we spend money on you” . Parents never buy expensive gifts for the daughter but boy’s always get what ever they want , their all needs are fulfilled.
A girl want to pursue her career in sports field or in any such field which need some time and use Mani parents always restrict her. Game mentality is a golf pursue her career in sports background this go against her gender since girls are not made play games like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho , cricket and badminton. Even she is forced to learn dance, music . They believe she should have smoothness in her voice, in her work . She should be active in household work and should I learn all the culture and tradition of their country because all These quality e is needed in device which is very essential for a girl to get married. Even in the ancient time girls child kiled after the take birth.
Being girl is not is Sin for us. We are strong enough to take stand for yourself and rise of voice against all this discrimination . Parents should treat both of their child equally because if child never discriminate between their love towards their parents so why should parents do so? This practice may lead to bad effect in the mind of the daughter and develop a feeling of revenge in her mind.