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There used to be an age without technology, no phones, no internet, no laptops and very few means of technologies around the globe. With the evolving world, evolved technology. Starting from the times with no technology, we’ve now grown into species where everyone got a portable means of internet in their hands 24/7. This evolvement of technological world has not only helped us decrease the communication gap but also, has helped a lot of women in empowering their community, to reach each other easily and effectively to share their thoughts and protest against the discrimination faced by them.
Technology has helped women in many terms, be it reducing the communication gap or fighting for their freedom.
Earlier, there used to be a lot of women who used to face violence inside their homes and were not able to voice against it, men used to beat women inside the house and the helpless lady was not even able to reach their family or police for help. With the upgradation of technology, one call to the police or some family member, one can voice against the violence faced by them.
Education is another aspect a women is benefited from the upgradation of technology. Many women who were not having education facilities near their houses, can now reach to whatever they want to study in seconds just with the use of this technology.
Technology has bought many changes in the lives of women, helped a lot of women connect with each other to bring a change they were not able to bring alone, even there exists a lot of NGO’s who help women empower themselves. A few touches can do alot to the society.