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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well my thoughts are pretty contradicting on this topic. On one hand I feel it should be legalized with a proper age limit and free will of course. Forced prostitution should be banned. Also we need to ensure the health of prostitutes also. We all have seen how the prostitutes have been living in unhygienic conditions and also lack qualified facilities. Lets not forget the way they are treated. We also see how transgender people too are forced into prostitution forcefully . But on the other hand I feel that instead of legalizing it I feel we should eradicate this because it gives men a chance to think that money would make women available for their inhuman sexual desires. Men will cheat on women and this will go on. Also we never know how these things can affect the person and plus we all know sexual intercourse is physically draining and it can cause some problems like rupture as well so this will only make people brazen and they would not think beyond their desires. Of Course we do know that It may reduce rape cases but still we all know this kind of men will not be pleased just by prostitudes. In Fact I feel the best way is individual choices of girls. I don’t really think that the number of girls wanting to be prostitute be great. So we can never asure it. I know it has been a source of living for many girls. Have they received a salary which is equal to their worth and performance? No.
We all have seen the life of prostitutes. They don’t have developed facilities and also the society doesn’t have respect for them. Also their children too end up in same rackets and there are also drug smuggling.
And who knows if prostitution is legalized and evem if they set rules I don’t think people will stop forced prostitution infact it will promote forced prostitution more.