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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Yes, our society discriminate the women with adopted children. They look at them, like they have done some major sin by adopting a child and not having a biological child is their crime.
Women’s are now working, and they don’t wish to have a biological child because of the time period, and they think they have to wait for so long to have a child. Instead, they opt for an adoption.
Society is still hesitant to accept the fact that adoption is better than biological child, it makes a whole future of an unknown child with a better upbringing. Women are being given names that these women are not good because she doesn’t want to have child and rather she is finding an easy way to have child. But what they realize is that adoption is a noble cause as a society and more adoption should be held with the stable families who can afford to have child’s responsibility.
Sushmita Sen was only 24 years old when she bravely took a decision to adopt a girl child and not one, but she adopted two of them. She was a single mother, and time has proven that she nailed the motherhood without actually having her own child.
We can’t let society make us fear to go for adoption, and we should be concerned about the image and perception society is going to assume about you.
Some people say adopted child will be never yours as he is not your blood, but if a child is nurtured in affectionate manner they can never betray their parents who made their whole life.
Motherhood is a choice and there is not a perfect one way to be a mother. You can choose how you want to embrace motherhood and don’t let anybody tell how you should it, Remember “your body your choice”.