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Period, poverty and stigma affect many women around the world, there is a tax on sanitary napkins and tampons because it is considered as non-essential goods, women do not buy this because they are costly for people who cannot afford, women do not prioritize it. Poor people live in unhygienic conditions and they do not have their own washrooms and cleanliness. Some girls do not want to go to school because they fear that they will get a period stain on uniforms and people will make fun of it. Government should distribute free sanitary napkins in generic stores because the period is the biological thing for every woman. There are a lot of taboos in society relates to the period, also according to statistics, 12% of women have a period. There are religious beliefs to periods women are considered as untouchable and they are not allowed in the kitchen and they have to do all work of them on their own. There are also cases women who live in really miserable involve them in sexual transmission to earn some money to buy period necessities and for living. Due to the Lack of access to period products women are using newspapers and clothes and even plastic bags. But some countries are really taking constructive toward menstruating people they are trying to removing all taboo and solve the problem by making products affordable. India good thing is much nonprofit organization tries to provide help to the poor people. In India, many women don’t openly talk about menstruation with men they feel shy also they silently suffer all the deadly period cramps, but this wrong if women keep ignoring it will create a risk on their menstrual health. Even men need to show up when women are on period to make sure they are feeling okay. Government and communities need to work on these issues and create hygiene conditions for females.