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Yash Tiwari
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There are many skills that a young person can learn to compete for a good job, one of them includes coding. Learning whether it is a foreign language, how to play a musical instrument, how to cook, or even how to code is important because it gives you the opportunity later on in your life to be employable and something that employers look for especially when there is a shortage of young people who can cod. Although there is a lack of suggestion from the government to support these skills, still there are many organizations such as Women Who Code, Women Techmakers and Girl Develop It that are continuously pursuing to make women and girls learn to code. This essay will discuss these organizations and also discuss what can be done by the government to encourage young women in learning to code.
Although there are numerous coding tutorials made for women, yet there is a massive gender gap when it comes to learning programming. Women have less interest in how technical things work and this does not match with the requirement of working in the technology sector. It is a great fact that girls have been neglected from learning the skill of coding, but the problem is getting past the social stigma. Organizations like Rails Girls have come up to provide women with the proper guidance for learning and providing them with the right environment to grow and learn.

Ada developers academy provides free education to women and girls. While they are sponsored by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others, you do not need to work for them. The goal is to create a community in which women can learn from one another and prepare for careers in technology. They are using technology, as well as community platforms like summer camps, outreach programs, and public speaking events, to change the face of technology in India.
Getting into tech is easier said than done. It’s hard to find a job, to learn the skills, and to establish yourself as a woman in a male-dominated industry. She Codes was founded by Ruth Polachek to solve these problems within the tech industry. She Codes has many activities every day that teach girls how to code! If you are a woman and want to change your career into high tech, she codes offer you an opportunity to learn how to code and perhaps get accepted in a Bootcamp. If you already work in high tech but would like to improve your skills through daily practice, she codes offers you the chance to study for free.