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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Feminism is a conflict theory that suggests patriarchal oppression of women in society. It suggests that power in society is divided based on gender. This suggests that patriarchal oppression of women exists in all sections of society, in employment, at home in education, and in media. Communication has evolved to deal with contemporary issues surrounding gender differences and has a particular focus in contemporary society on the intersectionality of women’s experiences. These are differences based upon social class ethnicity sexuality disability age religion and geographical location which gives feminism a broad appeal into looking at gender differences in the 21st century. It looks to address gender inequality by utilising the existing systems and structures in place and pressing for legal changes to address inequality in society. It has also addressed issues such as educational underachievement breaking down barriers to education for girls particularly in male-dominated domains and influenced girls to aim higher, perceive careers that were once seen as reserved for males. This has had numerous impacts on gender equality in society addressing education, family life work and social stratification. Feminism aims to tackle inequality but global inequalities between women remain. Feminism is quite a fragmented approach as there are many disagreements within the feminist movement that detract from the progress that has been made.
Why now is there a stigma around the word feminism? Why are people to sting this word this action into something completely different. An idea has developed that feminists believe that men are weak and should be punished and that women are superior. Elite feminists believe that feminism is just for cisgender women. They might have some sequestered idea of revenge for what happened years and generations ago. I sincerely understand feminism, but it always seems aggressively misandrist. Men are generalized in a clumsy way. There is an emergent anti mail culture amongst younger generations that will ultimately do more harm than good.