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There are numerous coding courses available online as well as offline. But many of them focuses on the education of boys only as they believe boy’s can do much better in this field and underestimate girls . But they are people who realise the ability of women and now there are numerous coding courses now which are available for girls also some of them are listed below:-
1- Coding Girls:- The aims to be the solution to today’s problem of female under-representation in technology-related jobs. Although studies show that young girls are just as interested as boys are in technology and coding, lack of public resources and visible support causes their interest to decline once they hit their teenage years.
2-Girls Who Code :- It is a non-profit organization that aims to “inspire, educate, and prepare” young women for coding careers and/or general STEM careers. This initiative has partnered with a wealth of leading educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs to equip young girls with the tools, skills, and practical knowledge they need to pursue recognized, high-paying occupations in the technological field. IN 1995, 37% of all registered computer scientists were women. Today, that number has dropped to 24%. Girls Who Code has made it their mission to stop that decline and reverse it.
3-100 Girls of Code:- Dedicated to serving aspiring female software developers, engineers, and designers, 100 Girls of Code connects young girls between the ages of 12 to 18 with STEM professionals, educators, and guest speakers in the hopes of inspiring them to pursue careers in coding, computer science, and computer engineering. They invest in future female leaders and computer scientists by offering them opportunities to explore, experiment, and create codes through free workshops and seminars.
4- Girl Develop It:- Founded in 2010 by Vanessa Hurst and Sara Chips in New York City, Girl Develop It is a non-profit organization that started out as a general response to the low representation of women in tech and computer science careers . This class sold out in 24 hours.
5- Code First Girls:- Girls mainly holds free workshops for girls at college campuses. These classes take place for a few hours a week and last for 4-8 weeks. IN order to apply for a course, you must be between the ages of 18 and 23, a current university student, or have been at university in the last two years. You must also identify as female/non-binary and have a working laptop/desktop

With female empowerment and gender equality being such hot topics today, it’s no surprise that so many people have responded accordingly. So if your daughter, sister, or female friend is even just the slightest bit curious about coding, you can rest assured there are certified resources and communities available to help them out.
“You help them now she will help you lifelong”