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In today’s generation women menstrual problem is still not a serious topic and many people in our society still think that women who go through menstruation it becomes stigma for their family. Society need to understand it is natural think that every women goes through menstruation. And it should be normalise in our india. Menstrual hygiene is must needed for every women because if women don’t have menstrual hygiene than it becomes problem for them by getting infected with diseases like dermatitis, urinary tract infections (UTIs). Their should proper management of menstrual hygiene for women. While travelling there should have availability of washroom facilities with sanitary pads and washroom at public places should be get sanitize every day. And women who can’t afford sanitary pads they should get free sanitary pads available in market for women who don’t have money. In villages many women don’t know about sanitary pads so they use cloth for menstruation and it is not good for menstrual hygiene but then also women in villages use cloth due to which many get infected and some of them lead to death also. To solve their problems and to decrease the amount of patients who get infected because of use of cloth, they should be aware of sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene knowledge for that government should arrange campaign or facilities for women’s menstrual hygiene in villages. So that Women will get to know about menstrual hygiene and they will start using sanitary pads to not get infected by such diseases. Their are still people who ask women to stay separately while going through menstruation because they think it is unhygienic and stigma for them. Society need to change their thinking and need to take care of women menstrual hygiene. when Society showing inequality and discrimination between men and women like a highlighting news instead of that they should normalise menstruation talking because it is major problem that people still make fun or feel shame to talk about menstruation.