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Manpreet Singh
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It is not a hidden fact that there is a lack of women coders in the tech world. But it doesn’t have to stay the way it is now. Nowadays, there are more coding teaching platforms than ever. It can help female coders to have a big break into the technology field. With additional skills such as coding, we can empower our women to be more independent and economically strong. This can solve many problems that women have to face. Coding is not that technically demanding job and even if a girl has a little technical background, even then she can make it big in the coding industry. Here is the list of organizations that teaches coding to girls-
1.Hear Me Code has beginner coding classes that boast of teaching coding to 3,000+ women through 2013 and 2019. Their curriculum and learning resources are made to be as simple as possible.
2.MotherCoders has an eight-week tech camp dealing with beginners. It focuses on helping mothers start their tech careers. They provide flexible classes including, childcare food. They will teach basic technical skills and industry knowledge.
3. PyLadies offers courses for women who want to code in the Python community. It has courses for all levels of programming knowledge, right from beginners to seasoned experts. With PyLadies, the student has a lot of flexibility. Each course decides its own workshop topics.
4. Skillcrush is a vast source of knowledge that isn’t just limited to female coders. They aim at empowering various kinds of people, coming from varying backgrounds, no matter what nationality or gender. It has a good number of students including people of color, LGBTQ+ people, etc.
5. Black Girls CODE is famous for hosting multiple hackathons, that aim at giving learning expos across the globe. It is a good platform to begging your coding journey and making it big in the industry.