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Homeschooling is all about parents teach their children at home rather than sending them to public or private school. Homeschooling is followed by many other countries to. In india homeschooling will largely fall on women because it is the mindset of society that women should be at home and men should earn due to which the studies of children is mostly seen by the mother. In such families who prefer to give their child homeschooling, all the responsibility of child is handled by only mother because she is housewife. It is because in some family they don’t except women to do job after marriage due to which she remain housewife and have to do all the household work plus take care of children in that also if their is homeschooling for their child than her husband will not share the responsibility due to which all the work of household and family plus child homeschooling will largely fall on women. Society need to stop making inequality towards women because of which after marriage all the pressure of household chores and family, only women are handling and they don’t even get support or opportunity to do job and follow their dreams. Society should start supporting women and show equality between men and women. So that their will no pressure on women to handle all the household work alone and homeschooling will no more pressure on women only. Both the parents are equally responsible for their child career. They should together do all the household chores and men should support their wife to do job due to which it will also give good inspiration for their children by seeing their mother hardwork to follow her goals. And due to having educated parents and if they prefer homeschooling will more benefit for their child to teach them like a public or private school. By doing all the household work and taking care of child together will not fall all the responsibility on women only.