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Yes, I think menstrual leave should be made compulsory for women, menstrual cycle period is of 1 week starting for three to four days are difficult for women to manage I think should give choice to women if she won’t leave or not, because the period is very women suffer through nausea, head strokes, tiredness, constant pain in the body, etc. It should be paid leave for women companies ask women to do work from home when they are feeling better. Women go through mood swings in there it also affects their work efficiency but many males don’t know about how much i pain women suffer every month first we need to create awareness in men about females don’t need to shy away be openly talking about it, directly walk to management let them know about menstrual cycle how difficult it is to manage the work. It is always been Taboo to talk about female menstrual cycle even if some male wants to talk about it but they can’t because females feel uncomfortable, also in Many, there is not good Clean washroom available and hygiene is very necessary during menstruation week also every company need to keep one sanitary napkin vending machine in the washroom so don’t need to rush anywhere also there should be a separate restroom for women in companies. Every fey companies had this facility, this facility is very needful for every woman. Some startup companies have started keeping menstrual break policy also big company Zomato gives them leave to women. In many other countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Australia, New Zealand is provides menstruation leave for women. we also need to adopt. It’s the are towards nice work environment for the employee and help them perform their more enthusiastically their work. The company can take this effective step for women employees and they will be very grateful for doing this.