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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Yes definitely ,it continues to be a dream to get a facility of sanitation and water supply properly .
Let’s talk about the most affected person that is woman, who faces a number of difficulties due to scarcity of water and lack of sanitation facilities. They are in problems with every issue circulate in a society. Every woman needs water in a larger quantity comparatively to men, because they go through a monthly menstrual cycle, they need to be hygienic and hydrated to prevent themselves getting infected during periods. Periods are natural disorder, maintaining hygiene ,sanitation along with excess of water will only help to manage this cycle.Otherwise, you will land up getting infected with severe diseases and conditions.
Some schools don’t have well-equipped washrooms for the girls, and eventually they skip the school on their periods. It causes a loss on education during these period. This is not a solution for the problem, but they are helpless to fix this. The responsible authorities should be looking after these issues with immediate action.
In Rural areas, women are seen washing utensils, clothes etc. far away from their homes, due to lack of piped water supply near their home. They even walk a long distance to find water and to fulfill their household needs. They are not ecstatic with this kind of struggle to find basic availability. Furthermore, they are forced and tortured to do this work under pressurization. Due to unprofessional act of some people make women suffer for their health and hygiene. Pregnant women also go through a hard time due lack of water facility.
In some urban area ,ladies also faces scarcity of water at public places ,work places, while travelling ,etc. Washrooms are very difficult to find in these places and if there is one there is no facility provided.
The government should strictly take actions on these matters and make the relevant team work towards making water accessible everywhere efficiently. Sanitation facilities should be set up at different places. If we want our women to be healthy build proper facilities for them.