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Yash Tiwari
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We are all aware of the fact that we all have been brought up with the thinking that men are superior to women. This concept says that men have to be given respect and a higher position than women. This thinking of which I told you, is because of the social angle based on the level of education of a people. Though many changes occurred in the lives of women recently but still, in some parts of the world like India, women are not being treated as equal to men. These are the women who are serving for home with their brains, rather than hands. They are serving their husbands and children with their skills of cooking food, taking care of the children, doing household chores plus some tasks which include fieldwork besides looking after her children. Wherever we look she is serving someone all through her life. Not only she is earning that income for herself but she is also providing jobs to others in her own houses like drivers, maids, and other servants.

Women have to work at home for long hours and still manage to take care of their children and the entire family. Women are always tired and their energy gets down as the day passes. But men get a lot of support from their wives for running a business where they can earn more income while their wife takes care of all the work at home. Moreover, women are deprived of education which leads them to be less skilled. At the same time, there is a bias against women in the workforce, which means women get jobs that have a lower salary. This discrimination of women has to lead them to earn lesser than men and also take fewer managerial posts.

`The number of women is increasing in their education level, still, they do not earn enough and are even suppressed sometimes for being a woman who earns more than a man. The research shows that Asian women are the worst hit by the gender wage gap and earn just one ten of what men earn. For example, in India, women account for only 4% of landowners but own only 0.1 percent of the total agricultural land. Women are grossly underemployed and yet overworked. Though women are earning only one portion of the tenth in the world, She is still working double compared to a man. Having a family of 2-3 children, Women have been doing all sorts of work and earning income for themselves.