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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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How ‘Free’ Are Women in this ‘Free’ India?
India is not exactly the sort of ‘free’ it claims to be. In fact, women are absolutely the opposite of ‘free’ in this ‘free’ India. With a rapidly falling sense of respect, declining status of women in the society, fueled rising number of crimes against women and discrimination against women at every level possible, I do not think women are exactly ‘free’ in this ‘free’ India. It is a matter of shame that in the era of rising women, women are the ones not rising in our society.
To be very honest, India is far behind a world of nations with respect to a developing mindset, thoughts and an advancing society. It does not matter how much effort one has put into bringing the society at a higher level as it has made absolutely negligible difference to society. With every year passing, India is taking a step back. What’s hopeless is the fact that even the government has not been able to bring a change to this pro-men society. In fact, even the government gets carried away while making vital decisions.
They say, groping cannot be called sexual exploitation or abduction as long as there is no skin contact or sexual intention. Is this a new way of encouraging sick-minded rapists and womanizers, or rather make women ‘free?’ Talking about the households, women have absolutely no respect in eyes of their family members. Are they slaves? Are they servants? They’re treated like slaves every single moment of the day and made to work like servants because the society expects it out of them to be ‘homely.’ This is so not being ‘free.’
They’ve to make sure they wear ‘decent’ clothes to avoid being attacked by the ‘animals’ of the society. They’ve to make sure they do not make even an eye contact with any man outside of the home. They’ve to make sure they act inferior to men, because, men are so called ‘superior.’ Last but not the least, they’ve to keep in mind to keep shut and never speak up against this society. Women are definitely not ‘free’ in this so called ‘free’ India. In fact, another thing that is not ‘free’ in this ‘free’ India, is India itself.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat