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In the typical society of ours, a woman is always advised to constraint her sexuality to be respected. If she has sex before her marriage, then our society doesn’t take a second to declare her a slut from a goddess. I wonder, how women’s honour lies in between their virginity.
However, society accept it or not, there’s many negative side effects too of not exposing or experiencing or forcefully condemning your sexuality in our health and mind too.
But at the same time marriage and having child, specially according to Indian social norm, is a big duty to fulfill.
I such case there’s availability of various methods for women to avoid pregnancy. Some require a prescription while many are available without one.
First and one of the most affective measure is using a barrier method like using male or female condoms, diaphragm, cervical cap, spermicide etc. Most of them have approx 80-90% security and suitable for any kind of body as they just prevent sperm to go inside uterus, there’s no hormonal issue with your body.
Next we come to hormonal prevention method. And of course the most popular is contraceptive pills. There’s mainly two types of them, one which we have to take daily or according to schedule, next we have to take before or after having intercourse.
Another hormonal procedures are using patches, injection and vaginal ring. They have to be applied during mentioned time duration like patches can be used to attach to your back, arm, stomach, buttocks and have to last for 3 weeks.
While for injection, you have to contact doctors and apply it before and after prescribed duration to continue it’s course. In case of vaginal ring, it should be inserted in your vagina and leave for three weeks.
Implants are also useful hormonal prevention method where your doctor or nurse implant a match sized rod in your arm.
This methods controls your hormonal procedures by releasing mainly progestin which prevent pregnancy. Using hormonal changing gives them 95-99% accuracy of birth control.
Next there comes intrauterine device or IUD s. They’re mainly inserted into vagina, though they work by thickening cervical muscle. Some of the IUD do it by changing hormonal nature, while others like copper-T have the copper base which block the path of egg cell to come out and sperm to go in. IUD is mainly a long lasting prevention method and claimed to have 99% security.
Now before of using them, we should know all the precautions. Hormonal prevention methods give the best accuracy, though using them can cause you minor irritation or skin disease. Using copper based can also be proved allergic to some people.
Excessive amounts of hormonal pills can lead to vital negative effects too .
Before using any of them, we should consult with a doctor and measure which method will be fit for your body. As many women have a send it body, partners are advised to take the necessary measures. We should be more open minded and consult with a doctor before taking any measures.