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For every mother their child comes first it doesn’t important if she is working mother or homemaker, society always have their preconceived notions that women who are working they does not give them enough time and nurture love and care, society want that every girl has taken birth to take care of family,husband and children responsibility if she do anything beyond then that women is not acceptable for societal standards. Every working women have their own reasons for doing work. Society always like put their leg in other family matters,all they want how to prove women are inferior than they will always be inferior they will change there things towards them.people never ask dad to make their time , why don’t they take responsibility child care when there mother is busy.father duty should not only limit to paying the bills and taking financial responsibility but also they need equally do all things which mother does for child by doing this try to bring chalega in society thinking working women should fall in trap of societal beliefs because one day there child is going to do same with their children, in surviving today world one person income is not enough. If the both parents are working they can give better life style and fulfill wishes of their children. Also child becomes independent and smart. After certain time children gets comfortable with mother working. Whenever child gets sick mother is first person to come and look after the child. Family also supports working mother by the time it is just matter of time.lot of men says they are earning enough for family they just want their mother to take care of children responsibility but what about her hardwork to built career and her education .
Mother and child is the most pure bound , society can never change this so working mother does not need to bother about child.