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Hygiene and clean drinking water are basic needs of each and every human being living upon this planet. Everyone deserves basic clean drinking water delivered to them at their doorstep. These facilities are crucial to human health. Water, sanitation and health are not only prerequisites to health but also contributes to livelihoods, school attendence specially for girls and healthy environment.
Unhygienic environment and dirty water not only promotes various diseases but also effects the livelihood of people, specially girls. It is noted that most of the schools in our country do not provide hygienic toilets and clean water to their students which mostly effects girls specially on their period days. Most girls prevent going to schools because of the unhygienic system of toilets and water in the toilets.
Most women got vaginal infections due to the unhygienic system of toilets in their streets. Moreover in small towns there is no system of water supply inside the house, so they have to go out carrying loads of buckets of water to their houses from outside taps which consumes a lot of time that includes the time to study. Sanitary napkins and period products are today in this country considered to be a luxury to a woman because of it’s high cost and non-affordability to most people.
There needs to be a system of hygiene and clean water facilities to be provided to everyone around the world. It is a basic need to everyone which should be provided to everyone.