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Society still blame only mother for child’s upbringing and being irresponsible towards their child. Why? Only mother’s are responsible for their child father’s is equally responsible for child it is not like that mother’s should only see towards children on their studies, ethics, activities father’s are equally responsible for this things. Working men and women both has equal office work but then also women are doing all the household work and taking care of their child from tiffin to homework and having conversation with their child about school and friends everything mother does for their child. Then also society trying to prove working Women is irresponsible for child. Why society don’t say working father’s are irresponsible towards their child because of society mentality towards women it has tradition that men are meant to earn and women to be housewife. But none of them will say both men and women are meant to earn and take care of family and home together. Mother’s are the one who know about their child everything from likes to dislikes, about their friends, school functions everything but all of this father’s don’t know because they don’t have any conversation with their child. Working mother is busy in Office but then also they remove time and see whether their child is okay or not. Then also society try to focus on mother’s flaws towards their child. In family also in-laws blame mother if child has done anything wrong. Why? Can’t they blame their own son for being irresponsible towards child. society need to stop thinking that working mother’s are irresponsible they need to understand that their is no one in the world except mother who can unconditionally love and care their child. Society should support working mother because child will get to learn from their mother how to be professional and hardworking towards work.