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Manpreet Singh
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We have seen enough painful sexual crimes happening in our society. From the nirbhya rape case to the recent brutal rape case in Hyderabad where a girl; the student was burnt to death, one is tempted to ask whether the girls should get a right to punish their own culprits or not? While the solution is tempting to follow, but it has its own pitfalls and is basically redundant.
Our Indian penal code already has provisions regarding self-defense. It clearly provides that in case of apprehension of grave crimes such as kidnapping, rape, etc, the victim has a right to do enough harm in order to save her life. So providing them the right to punish seems a kind of redundant idea. The more appropriate thing to do in this case will be to make our girls aware bout the current rights that we have already implemented in the law. Along with that, we can invest in healthy self-defense training to make them safe and so that they can effectively use their rights in a dangerous situation.
The idea of giving them the right to punish directly goes against the legal principles and our constitutional values. The solution is a bit anarchic in nature. The idea of instant justice is always laced with wrong judgment being passed and the potential to misuse is very very high. We cannot expect it to work perfectly, it can be used as a means of vengeance against enemies and a tool of harassment. No doubt it is very very painful to watch news about brutal attacks on girls, taking place on a daily basis, but we have to understand that this is not the right solution for the problem. We are ignoring the main problem i.e we have to take care od the factor which makes the crime to happen at frist place.