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anshika agarwal
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In classrooms mentors have a right opportunity to promote gender equality by simple but effective practices. To make children aware about the gender neutrality there is a need to teach these skills to children from their childhood and classrooms are the best option for this. We have to promote in classrooms that no matter what gender we are we all have wishes, ambitions and dreams and we all need to be treated equally with full respect and dignity. Every gender is equally powerful. By using gender-neutral language when referring to a student for example instead of saying boys and girls say friends. Similarly there shouldn’t be any dividation of line during prayers on the basis of gender. Teachers should stop stereotyping students like boys don’t cry, girls are made for crying. They should stop providing judgements on the basis of knowledge like boys are good in maths. They should encourage all students to share their feelings and emotions equally. There should be same uniform for all gender in the schools. Teachers should use gender-neutral terms like shim or hen. They should try to give tasks regardless of gender like boys are called to move benches. They should stop using the dialogue that “we don’t scold girls”. Schools should also give sessions to parents to have gender neutrality at home. They should stop judging or deciding whether the particular game is made for boys or girls.
Therefore teachers have a wonderful chance to promote gender equality in classrooms. There ia a need to prepare children for a changing world where old methods of thinking about gender roles will no longer exist. The language the children hear and our given in their classrooms and the chances they are presented with will affect their interests and eventually their careers too. There is a hope that ensures that we don’t need a classroom where gender equality is promoted simply because it no longer exists in the society.