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No, I do not think that it’s a good idea to have separate schools for both genders. Many people have different experiences and different opinions about this situation but the majority of them feel that they would have done better if they were in a co-ed school.
While growing up, it is essential to interact with people of the opposite gender to gain more experiences and perspectives which will help them in the future. When you do your schooling in a same-sex school, it is difficult for you to interact with people of the opposite gender because you’re not used to interacting with them.
Let’s look at some of the advantages of co-ed schools. Since there is a mix of both genders, you will learn how to interact with people of the opposite gender, there will be healthy competition and friendships with the opposite gender. You will also get to hear and learn about different perspectives as boys and girls have different perspectives.
Let’s look at the so-called ‘disadvantage’. Many might not like to put their children in co-ed schools as they feel it might be a distraction. Relationships, crushes, and infatuation doesn’t only happen in a co-ed school. It happens everywhere. So, if you feel that it is distracting, it doesn’t make any sense.
Without co-ed schools, both genders will find it difficult to communicate with the opposite gender in the future. It will teach them how to speak to the opposite gender and it will be less awkward in the future. Of course, some boys might still have an immature mentality even if they studied in a co-ed school. But we can see significant improvement in people when they are in co-ed schools. So I feel that co-ed schools are essential.