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No, women should never give up her career but after marriage most of the women has to give up on their career because of family and their children responsibilities. Some husband forcefully put their decision on their wife to give up on their career and take care of family and do all household work. Because of pressure women don’t follow their dreams. women’s are strong enough to do both the work and should their dreams. They can manage doing household work and go to office but the only thing is not getting support from the family and husband. But women should take stand for their dreams that they want to do job and have to follow their goals to be an independent and confident person and also she will support her family financial. Family should support her to follow her dreams and some husband if not motivating her atleast they should support her for convincing family members that should not give up on her career. Women sacrifices lot of things after marriage mainly she has leave her parents her surname gets change and Many more things get changed in women’s life after marriage. And we know that after marriage women surname gets change but we can see lot of women and celebrities who keep there surname after marriage also. In that also society has problem and they keep judging and talk about them and not only that media also highlight if any women celebrity will not change their surname. But women should ignore society thinking because they will never stop judging women. Women should strong enough to follow there dreams and ignore negative things of society women should take it as a challenge. If women is doing all the house work with job then family should support here because they do both the work and in that also if they don’t get support of the family they don’t feel motivated due to which they feel like to give up on their dreams. If men and women both are doing job then both should do take care of family and household work together not only that both should equal support and motivation from family.