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The two terms, ‘Gender Justice’ and ‘Gender Equality’ are two confusing terms. They are similar, but when you find out the meaning of both the terms, it is much easier to differentiate it and make a choice on what you want. Gender equality means equal access to opportunities for both the genders. Gender justice refers to the systemic redistribution of rights and opportunities by breaking harmful structures like patriarchy, misogyny etc.
I feel that Option A is the best option. Women are often considered inferior even today. They do not have the same opportunities as men do. I hope that there will be equality someday.
Gender equality is a very important concept. But it has been centuries and women are still being treated badly. Everyone needs equality but it is not going to happen anytime soon. With Option A, the option is better. If we break harmful structures like patriarchy, it will be much easier to achieve equal opportunities for both the genders. Without doing that, achieving equality is impossible.