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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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It’s 2021 and still, women are expected to do all the household chores. It doesn’t matter if she is working outside or not she has to be the leader of doing all the household chores. Indian arts show that almost all women are busy cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and doing the dishes and they are happy doing it. It portrays that women are noble, selfless and their only motive is to complete all the household work. Recent ads which are shown as progressive or empowering either show that she is a superwoman or glorifies her husband and sons for sharing the load. From her teenage years, she is expected to know all the household chores so she can fit into a good family. Household chores are still considered to be just a “woman’s work” and she should run the household without considering it to be a burden. It doesn’t recognise the fact that domestic work is hard work. On average an Indian woman spends almost 352 minutes per day in housework while an average Indian man spends only 52 minutes per day. Only recognising or acknowledging this hard work is not enough everyone should equally contribute to the household chores. Taking care of the house for doing household chores is nothing less and shouldn’t be looked down upon. Every woman at least once in her life says “what have I received for all the work I do?” If couples outline their expectations it almost won’t matter how the work gets divided. Everything should not be looked at in terms of the economy. Generally, it is expected that a homemaker should do all the housework as her husband goes to the office. It is not wrong until and unless both of them are on the same platform. They should be equally respected and help each other to divide the load. The sexism out there in the world permeates the relationships. So women need to be respected, understood and housework needs to be planned.