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In today’s raging world, where everyone’s independent to do what they want to do with their life, women has a native right to choose their path, though women are not safe anywhere around the country due to increasing rape and harassment cases everyday, people think women are safer in their houses but that doesn’t mean that they should stop going out, women have the right to choose what they have to do, besides whatever risk they have to take, society is no one to take decisions on her behalf, she’s independent enough to choose for herself, staying at home just because some monsters risk taking their lives is not the reason to stag their careers and sit at home, to end something bad, we often have to face that instead of hiding from them, if threats to rape and murder are the reason to stay home, then not only women even the men of the society are at the risk of getting murdered anytime anywhere, also, no one’s safe in terms of rape too, there are plenty of cases where men have also been brutally raped. Hence, if someone have to stay at home then due to their safety, them it is both men and women, why only women have to suffer through the societal norms? Everyone needs to understand that women have the right to choose for herself whether she has to stay at home or not.