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Many feel that women are treated better than before. While that might be right to an extent, people do not treat women well even today.

Many women find it hard to live here because they are scared for their lives. This should not be the case. The cases of rape, domestic violence are sexual harassment are increasing by the day. Many women are scared that it might be them next.

Women face misogyny. People are often hard to women and do not allow them to do things that men do. Often if they like sports, people think they are doing it for male attention, When that’s not the case. They are also mocked for their “girly” interests so as you can see, women can never win.

Women are told to overcome exploitation by protecting themselves. It can help but why don’t we change the sexist attitudes of men first? So that this doesn’t happen in the first place. Many people, including women have backward attitudes about rape and believe it’s the victim’s fault which should stop.

People do not realize it, but they are often enabling these instances. Not correcting your child when they’re in the wrong, not checking out suspicious behavior from them or their friends. When you allow your friend to make sexist or rape/domestic violence jokes without correcting them, you are enabling them.

People also don’t take women who want basic respect seriously. They are often mocked even while asking for help and speaking up. This should stop.
If only we could change the mindsets of people everywhere, could we get people to respect women. We can only hope that people respect us in the future.